This page is a collection of videos and articles providing a wealth of knowledge that demonstrate how you can go paperless in your organisation today. The main videos above illustrate how you can go paperless today using SignTech Paperless Forms platform. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at


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Paperless Letting Agent

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Tutorial - How to create an account

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Paperless Tips

Safe eSignatures

SignTech Safe eSignatures

Are eSignatures Safe?  This is a question we get asked over and over again. The simple answer is Yes, electronic signatures are safe.  In this post, we’ll cover why an eSignature is more secure than a wet signature, we will explain how e-signatures work and talk about some of the key  features that help keep them safe.

Make Paper-Based Business Forms a Thing Of The Past

Signtech forms mobile

SignTech’s digital form builder and e-signature technology enables true paperless business solutions to be built using paperless business forms with an e-signature to replace your old paper-based forms.

Paperless Business Forms Become a Reality with Signtech’s Mobile Apps

Paperless mobile

Now available on all major mobile platforms, Signtech’s paperless business solutions and touch screen e-signature technology can go with you and make paperless business forms available anywhere, anytime.

Can A Paperless Office Really Exist and are Paperless Forms Feasible?

Paperless forms

As a species, we often tend to think that when major new innovations, such as paperless forms and digital signatures, come along, previous products, technologies and practices will be superseded by them. Sometimes they are but, more often than not, the new development simply causes a change to take place, change that ultimately benefits us all.